Personal Coma (Split with Invernium)

by Abisma

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released March 31, 2016



all rights reserved


Abisma Brazil

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Track Name: A look at the Endless Ocean
Once, when I went through the door is I looked at the sky and it was as if everything revolved around me
I heard the singing of whales through the mountains, came in the ocean
I was there with all existence I was loving something so pure, fragile, perfect!
The universe threatened me with meteors
My garden condemned to eternal exile
Yes, I would lose all the words made love like "do not leave me!"
A vision of the underworld, where I did not breathe more and the desert sands would cover my body to time, eyes that would put an end to centuries were nothing
And I would like to die as a mortal, for the love of words, words
A feeling so unrecognizable to me with all knowledge, so long But when I saw the dead star created a living as morbid love as my thoughts to fall asleep forever
She no longer shines and I no longer corresponded with my feelings of superiority
As deadly as a wounded man
So much illusion!
On a shelf I realized that I was always there own pain, I was just a photo
It's just something that can not with you, you will feel all the pain of the world.
Track Name: Asylum Soul
Tears, where else can be no brightness, a light, a deep joy
It seems everything is hurting and taking away our dreams.
It seems that everything destroys everything
And that is hopeless
I fill my chest, crying and all I can hear are echoes of something falling, it's my body!
But no longer feel more physical pain
Sedated by anesthesia, which seems to prevent mentally I feel pain, but my head still hurts
I'm still feeling a discomfort that through this void increases a great deep inside me
And condemned by all the sad moments
My peace becomes a sedative to calm myself unable to become.
Track Name: Ghosts
Nothing that can complete me now
Or even make sense somehow Like yesterday I was, I now try to continue
Against the wind I try to get back to where I think it's my place to even think that I'm alive Is this a dream?
For it should not wake up, or even see them all here
They have died ... But I can not believe I do not want to open up my eyes
No more stumbling upon this wilderness place and look back and see the path taken by me Footprints unmarked, nothing that he can show me that actually exist Is this a dream?
These people are not real, not I'm no longer alive I do not want to open up my eyes.
Is this a dream?
Again I'm losing myself in thought, trying to find the bottom of this abyss
But there is no end ... I know I'll die drowned
I know that when I slept again able to see you again.